I'm Tom Harrop, an independent Service Designer working in Customer & User Experience.

What do you do, Tom?

I use research with your users and customers to gain insight, and help redesign services to improve your users' and customers' experience based on that insight.

No, what do you actually sit at a desk and do all day?

Every client is different, but the common elements of my process are:

What kind of services can you actually improve?

Research-based service design is a methodology and can be applied to any human process. I specialise in helping my clients improve experiences, ranging from buying a supercar to having your gas meter read.

Why be customer centred?

Happier customers come back and a company's reputations precedes it. That's the soft reason, but of course transforming and innovating your proposition is expensive. Being customer centred allows you to invest on changing things that are needed by those you can't live without, customers, rather than changing things based on what Bill the ops guy and Peggy the accountant reckon people want.

Who do you do this for?

I've worked all over the world with some great clients including Jaguar Land Rover, Ferrari, Sony, Apple, various UK Government Departments, SSE, Red Bull, Sky, Vodafone and heaps of others.

What next?

You can find me on LinkedIn - https://uk.linkedin.com/in/tjharrop. Add me, send me a message, and I'll send you my portfolio which includes my most recent work.

I'm happy to meet for an informal chat if you want to know more about what I do. I'm London based (Old Street - cliché, I know) but visit clients and their customers worldwide.